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It is not easy to build a new life. It always take some time until you settle down in a new country. It is a known fact that recently Turkey, has become one of the most attractive regions to work in for foreign national employees. The number of expats living in Turkey is gradually increasing. Foreigners choose to live in Turkey for leisure, for work or for business purposes or simply looking for a lifestyle change.

With the new law that went into force on April 11th 2014, foreigners applying for residence permits in Turkey are obliged to take a health insurance. In other words, health insurance for foreigners is a mandatory insurance.

Coverage of foreigners who reside in Turkey for business purposes are usually provided together with their employment contract between them and their employers. However for foreigners who choose to live in Turkey for non-business purposes, health insurance is also required. Regardless of nationality, it is mandatory for everyone to be covered with a health insurance in case of an accident, disease, examination, care, treatment, and hospital expenses.

EmelSigorta offers FIT Health Insurance, a special product for foreigners in cooperation with Groupama, FİT Health Insurance is product with comprehensive coverage and services for foreign residents who are looking for  a healthy life plan and affordable terms of payment.

To be able to benefit from this privileged service, you can obtain an instant quote simply by completing this form or by paying a visit to the EmelSigorta Shop.

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